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Henry Threadgill

Song Out Of My Trees

Black Saint 120154-2

Item: full_album_8024709056825_CD

Artists :
Brandon Ross ( Electric Guitar )
Diedre Murray ( Cello )
Ed Cherry ( Guitar )
Gene Lake ( Drums )
Henry Threadgill ( Saxophone, Flute )
Jerome Harris ( Acoustic Bass Guitar )
Michelle Kinney ( Cello )
Mossa Bildner ( Voice )
Myra Melford ( Piano )
Reggie Nicholson ( Drums )
Ted Daniel ( Trumpet )
Tony Cedrus ( Accordion )
James Emery ( Soprano Guitar )
Amina Claudine Myers ( Piano, Harpsichord )
Release date
Dec 28, 1994

"Even longtime Threadgill fans may be surprised at the direction and content on his most recent session. The five tunes include three pieces where Threadgill is absent, and one ("Over The River Club") is a nine-minute-plus opus dominated by three guitars colliding, intersecting, and dueling. The title track showcases Threadgill's blues and gospel roots, with some wonderful organ by Amina Claudine Myers. Only "Crea" and "Gateway" are similar to past Threadgill works, with "Crea" featuring the unusual sound of Ted Daniel on hunting horns. Even a champion of the unorthodox like Threadgill may have some people scratching their heads after they hear this, but it's a signal that he'll never settle for doing what's expected."

(source:, Rovi)