Enrico Pieranunzi, Marc Johnson, Joey Baron

Deep Down

Soul Note SNGG001-2

8052405142443 - Deep Down - CD

Artists :
Enrico Pieranunzi ( Piano )
Marc Johnson ( Bass )
Joey Baron ( Drums )
Release date
Nov 4, 2016

RE-MASTERED AUDIO and NEW PACKAGING ! This album, originally released in 1987, was re-mastered and repackaged in Digifile cardboard format. It includes the original full-color booklet.

"I'm not sure it's possible for a jazz piano recording to be better than this - equal, perhaps - particularly if you are looking for something following in the footsteps of the Bill Evans school of trio playing. Marc Johnson (for my taste the best jazz trio bassist of the last 40 years) and Joey Baron do an excellent job integrating their personal approaches with the outstanding musicality of the great Enrico Pieranunzi. Excellent song selection as well! Any fan of piano trio - and of jazz in general - will love this CD. The piano solo on "Dee Song" is worth the price of the recording in itself..."      
(source: Amazon.com, J. Kunkel)

(Also available on LP)

Originally released in 1987


Enrico Pieranunzi Deep Down - 4 STARS

…an excellent representation of a genuine jazz talent who even now should be better known.