Jacopo Ferrazza Trio


Cam Jazz CAMJ 7950-5

8052405143723 - Theater - CD

Artists :
Jacopo Ferrazza ( Bass )
Stefano Carbonelli ( Electric And Classical Guitar )
Valerio Vantaggio ( Drums )
Release date
Apr 12, 2019

His debut was called Rebirth and it saw the emergence of one of the most exciting young bassist/composers on the European scene, but also one of the most settled and individual trios on the circuit. Now Jacopo Ferrazza, again working with guitarist Stefano Carbonelli and drummer Valerio Vantaggio, demonstrates his quality with a new set of original compositions called Theater.  They range between relatively orthodox jazz and more formal structures that recall aspects of classical trio writing. In mood they are impressively varied. In execution, they are uniformly but never dully precise and disciplined. They are, in short, the kind of music that overturns many of the more casual criticisms levelled at jazz: that it is loose, self-indulgent and lacks direction. Everything here has purpose and vigour.  Ferrazza’s bass playing recalls some of the greats on his instrument: the drive of Paul Chambers and Jimmy Garrison, the authority of Charles Mingus, and the melodic confidence of Ray Brown. And yet, he remains his own man, a steadily maturing representative of a new generation of young bassist leaders who have taken advantage of improved recording techniques to lift the instrument out of the “rhythm section” and put it at the centre of the music.  If Rebirth was great beginning, Theater is proof that it was not a fluke or a one-off, but simply a stage in a career that deserves to be watched and listened to closely.  (Brian Morton)

Recorded in Cavalicco in November 2018 at Artesuono Recording Studio
Recording engineer Stefano Amerio

Photos by Elisa Caldana

Liner notes by Brian Morton


Tratti comuni a rischio

Tra nuovi dischi accomunati da molti tratti comuni, il primo dei quali essere pubblicati da un’etichetta molto attenta alle qualità delle sue uscite, la CAM JAZZ. Il secondo dato comune è che si tratta, in tutti i casi, di trii in azione, dunque una delle forme al contempo più collaudate e più rischiose della storia del jazz: l’ombra del già detto o quella, ferale, di un interplay meno che eccellente è sempre in agguato. Il terzo dato comune è la presenza del medesimo ingegnere del suono, Stefano Amerio nei suoi studi di Cavalicco, un nome una garanzia…Infine un trio con basso, chitarra e batteria da Jacopo Ferrazza con Theater, un nuovo nome da tenere d’occhio.

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