Dewey Redman with Ed Blackwell

In Willisau

Black Saint 120093-2

Item: full_album_8024709050724_CD

Artists :
Dewey Redman ( Tenor Sax, Musette )
Ed Blackwell ( Drums )
Release date
Dec 31, 1985

"Tenor saxophonist Dewey Redman and drummer Ed Blackwell had first met up in the late '60s in Ornette Coleman's band and later on as half of Old And New Dreams. This set of live duets from the Willisau '80 Jazz Festival succeeds due to Redman's huge sound, Blackwell's colorful rhythms, and the close interplay between the two. Redman's musette playing on "We Hope" is an acquired taste, but otherwise, his tenor playing is heard in top form on his originals, particularly "Communication" and "Willisee," which clock in at just over 14 minutes apiece. Although some listeners will miss the usual chordal instruments (and particularly the bass), this combination works."
(source:, S. Yanow)