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George Lewis

Shadowgraph, 5 (Sextet)

Black Saint BSGG004-2

8052405142412 - Shadowgraph - CD

Artists :
Abdul Wadud ( Cello )
Douglas Ewart ( Alto Sax, Bass Clarinet )
Leroy Jenkins ( Violin )
Muhal Richard Abrams ( Piano, Synthesizer )
George Lewis ( Trombone )
Anthony Davis ( Piano )
Roscoe Mitchell ( Soprano, Alto & Tenor Sax )
Release date
Nov 4, 2016

RE-MASTERED AUDIO and NEW PACKAGING ! This album, originally released in 1978, was re-mastered and repackaged in Digifile cardboard format. It includes the original full-color booklet.

"Shadowgraph and the duos with Ewart are characteristic of the free abstract jazz that emerged out of AACM's explorations in the '60s and early '70s. Listening to them, one is aware how little this music has been assimilated into the mainstream of either jazz or improvisation."

(source: The Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD)


Originally released in 1978