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Favorite Street

Black Saint 120076-2

Item: full_album_8024709049025_CD

Artists :
Andrew Voigt ( Sax Alto )
Bruce Ackley ( Tenor Sax )
Jon Raskin ( Alto Sax )
Larry Ochs ( Tenor Sax )
Rova ( Band )
Release date
Dec 28, 1984

"For this interesting set, ROVA (comprised of Jon Raskin on baritone, alto and clarinet, Larry Ochs on tenor and sopranino, Andrew Voigt on alto, soprano, flute and sopranino and Bruce Ackley on soprano and clarinet) perform seven Steve Lacy compositions. Lacy's scalar works, which include "The Dumps," "Moon" and "Snips," are ideal for the saxophone quartet, who really dig beneath the surface and understand the pieces, as Lacy has always understood Thelonious Monk. Lacy's thoughtful brand of freedom, the variety found in these originals (which range from swing to purposely rhythmically wooden melodies), and with the inventive rearranging by ROVA make this a continually surprising, colorful and adventurous set."

(source:, Scott Yanow)