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What We Live - Lisle Ellis

What We Live Fo(u)r

Black Saint 120156-2

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Artists :
Ben Goldberg ( Clarinet )
Donald Robinson ( Drums )
Glenn Spearman ( Wood Flute, Tenor Sax )
India Cooke ( Violin )
Larry Ochs ( Tenor Sax )
Lisle Ellis ( Bass )
Miya Masaoka ( Koto )
Paul Plimley ( Piano )
What We Live ( Band )
William Winant ( Vibraphone, Drums )
Release date
Dec 28, 1996

"On six of the seven tracks, bassist Lisle Ellis' trio (with Larry Ochs from ROVA and drummer Donald Robinson) is joined by an additional musician making for an interesting round robin affair. The music has a generally relaxed feel, even at its freest, indicating the strong degree of communication between the players. Several of the tracks veer more toward free jazz as opposed to free improv, including those featuring the fine percussionist William Winant (here on vibes) and pianist Paul Plimley, a frequent collaborator of Ellis. Violinist India Cooke works up a mighty head of steam on "Yo(u)," prodding Ochs to do some of his strongest playing on the date. Ellis appears to be at home in any number of genres and maintains a propulsive drive throughout, summoning echoes of Mingus and providing a stable center for the session. The album ends with a bouncy burner, Ochs and guest Ben Goldberg intertwined like twins reunited. A good, solid effort."

(source:, B. Olenwick)