Glenn Spearman Double Trio


Black Saint 120157-2

Item: full_album_8024709057129_CD

Artists :
Chris Brown ( Piano )
Donald Robinson ( Drums )
Glenn Spearman ( Wood Flute, Tenor Sax )
Larry Ochs ( Tenor Sax )
William Winant ( Vibraphone, Drums )
Release date
Dec 28, 1994

“…"Tenor saxophonist Glenn Spearman's Double Trio (a sextet with two drummers) certainly possesses plenty of spirit, with the musicians playing quite freely on six Spearman pieces and one by fellow saxophonist Larry Ochs. The music, not for the faint-hearted, is avant-garde, dissonant, and full of plenty of honest feeling and high energy. Listeners who enjoy Albert Ayler and Rova will find this passionate effort of strong interest."
(source:, S. Yanow)

"...these performances are squarely in the tradition of the '60s avant-garde, and their strength comes from Spearman's profound conviction that the ideas adumbrated at that time are far from exhausted but still constitute a lingua franca for imporvisation…." ”
(source: The Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD)