Marcello Melis


Black Saint 120073-2

Item: full_album_8024709048721_CD

Artists :
Famoudou Don Moye ( Drums, Percussion )
Marcello Melis ( Double Bass )
Sandro Satta ( Sax Alto )
Don Pullen ( Piano )
Release date
Dec 28, 1983

"Angedras is the mirror image of "Sardegna" (the Italian name for Sardinia). The long tale which unfolds in this record has been dedicated by Marcello Melis to this island, morred at the center of the Mediterranean Sea.  It is a tale narrated in a language that draws its substance from several different worlds: the urban reality of jazz, the deep rhythms of Africa, the melodic tradition of Sardinian shepherds.  ...The work is formed in four parts and immediately reveals the musical reasons behind it: first of all a shameless yearning for melody; secondly a pleasure in breaking the formal, classic rules of jazz."

(from the CD's liner notes by Alberto Rodriguez)


(Original Vinyl LP also available)