Max Roach featuring Anthony Braxton

Birth And Rebirth

Black Saint BS 520001

8033706211069-Birth And Rebirth-LP

Artists :
Anthony Braxton ( Saxophone, Conductor )
Max Roach ( Drums )
Release date
May 16, 2013

This is a 180 gram deluxe LP VINYL. In addition to maintaining the original artwork and content, it includes a bonus CD.

(Also available on CD

This album documents the historic meeting dated 1978, between Max Roach and Anthony Braxton, or rather the encounter between the tradition and the avant-garde in modern jazz.  A profound dialogue between two major figures, the father of modern drumming and the young lion of creative music.  A milestone in the evolution of African-American creative music.

SIDE A: 1. Birth 2. Magic And Music 3. Tropical Forest SIDE B: 1. Dance Griot 2. Spirit Possession 3. Soft Shoe 4. Rebirth