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Old And New Dreams

Old And New Dreams

Black Saint BSGG003-2

8052405142405 - Old And New Dreams - CD

Artists :
Dewey Redman ( Tenor Sax, Musette )
Old And New Dreams ( Band )
Charlie Haden ( Bass )
Don Cherry ( Trumpet )
Ed Blackwell ( Drums )
Release date
Nov 4, 2016

RE-MASTERED AUDIO and NEW PACKAGING ! This album, originally released in 1977, was re-mastered and repackaged in Digifile cardboard format. It includes the original full-color booklet.

Old and New Dreams was a jazz group that existed from 1976 to 1987, and was composed of tenor saxophone player Dewey Redman, bassist Charlie Haden, trumpet player Don Cherry and drummer Ed Blackwell.

"A great group."    (source: All Music Guide)

"A virtual reincarnation of Ornette Coleman's first ensembles, the cooperative Old and New Dreams brought together trumpeter Don Cherry, tenor saxophonist Dewey Redman, bassist Charlie Haden, and drummer Ed Blackwell to reinterpret the master's early repertoire. By the time their first album was released in 1978, ECM's Old and New Dreams, all four musicians were leaders with their own projects; this perhaps explains the intermittent nature of their ensuing collaboration (three albums in ten years)...  With the deaths of Cherry and Blackwell in the '90s, further collaborations of course became impossible. However, the band's limited yet superb output is an important complement to the work they did under Coleman's leadership in the late '50s and early '60s."   (source: 

(Also available on LP)

Originally released in 1977