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The Eastern Seaboard

The Sound Power

Black Saint 120183-5

Item: full_album_8024709113122_CD

Artists :
Jordon Schranz ( Bass )
Seth Nanaa ( Drums )
The Eastern Seaboard ( Band )
Brent Bagwell ( Tenor Sax )
Release date
Mar 2, 2010
“The eASTERN sEABOARD rides the balance between punk intensity and soundtrack-esque expansiveness, pledging allegiance to free and improvisational music from all time, particularly to the jazz masters of the past (for the reasons behind their music as much as the music itself).”

The Wire described the trio some time ago as one "...raised on Sonic Youth's Daydream Nation and wooed by John Coltrane's A Love Supreme - rooted in late 60s free jazz".

The eASTERN sEABOARD, i.e. Brent Bagwell on tenor sax, Jordon Schranz on bass, and Seth Nanaa on drums, present their latest unreleased album recorded for the Black Saint label. It’s an excellent example creative jazz improvisations and a very appetizing discovery which will certainly widen your horizons… Open your ears, heart, and soul, and ENJOY.

All compositions by The eASTERN sEABOARD