Giorgio Pacorig, Giovanni Maier, Michele Rabbia

Floating Lines

Cam Jazz CAMJ 7921-5

8052405142962 - Floating Lines - CD

Artists :
Giorgio Pacorig ( Piano, Fender Rhodes, Live Electronics )
Michele Rabbia ( Percussion, Live Electronics )
Giovanni Maier ( Double Bass )
Release date
Nov 24, 2017

If it’s true that each record album has its own stylistic hallmark, its own features, its own aim and purpose, Floating Lines will transport listeners into an unusual, image-arousing sonic world: an evocative, highly-emotional music, as much encompassing as penetrating.  All this magic flows from a trio composed of Giorgio Pacorig on piano, Rhodes and live electronics, Giovanni Maier on double bass and Michele Rabbia on drums and live electronics. CAM JAZZ decides to record the trio, finally capturing on record its powerful creative force.  How unique are the sounds shaped by Michele Rabbia, regardless of whether acoustic or electronic, as long as they remain fresh, conceived and played by such a percussion wizard. How unique is Giorgio Pacorig’s evocative, transmuted, sometimes dreamlike pianism. How unique is Maier’s versatile double-bass that mutates from material to ethereal.  How unique is the capacity of three such remarkable performers to coalesce and embark on a fascinating, multifaceted route as that of Floating Lines, eleven novel frescoes, the colors of which change each time: indefinite chromatic waves, as in Disk Dosk 1, but also minor melancholic shades laid upon gorgeous rhythmic and harmonic textures by the drums and double bass, as in Afram; poignant, dramatic, intriguing statements, as in Sequence/Ode To Wilbur Ware, but also the sense of joyful rapture conveyed by My Land, a long solo by Michele Rabbia. And also the pressing, regular, even subtly distressing pace of Labor or the Erroll Garner’s stylistic features, filtered and adapted into the “alternating sequences” of the amazing Ode To Erroll Garner.  With Floating Lines you can drift undisturbedly through the sounds: one of those opportunities that occur so rarely.

Recorded in Cavalicco on 20, 21, 22 December 2016 at Artesuono Recording Studio
Recording engineer Stefano Amerio

Photos by Elisa Caldana

Liner notes by Brian Morton