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Soul Note 121059-2

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Artists :
Eddie Allen ( Clave, Assorted Percussion )
Eli Fountain ( Percussion )
Fred King ( Tympani, Vibraphone, Concert Bells )
Freddie Waits ( Percussion )
Kenyatte Abdur-Rahman ( Claves, Xylophone )
M'Boom ( Band )
Roy Brooks ( Steel Drums, Musical Saw )
Warren Smith ( Vibraphone, Multiple Percussion, Drums )
Max Roach ( Drums, Percussion )
Ray Mantilla ( Bongos, Congas, Xylophone )
Joe Chambers ( Marimba, Vibraphone, Xylophone )
Release date
Dec 31, 1984

“"...We can vouch for the sheer vitality and exuberance, and for the sheer thoughtfulness, of M'’Boom’'s live output...”"   (source: The Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD - Eighth Edition)

In 1970, Max Roach first organized M'Boom, a unique unit comprised entirely of percussionists. By utilizing such instruments as marimba, xylophone, tympani, vibes, bells, gongs, drum sets, and even a musical saw, Roach leads a very colorful and self-sufficient group. Originally a septet comprised of Roach, Warren Smith, Freddie Waits, Omar Clay, Joe Chambers, Roy Brooks, and Ray Mantilla, the group grew to ten pieces in later years. A part-time project, M'Boom has recorded for Baystate (1973), Columbia (1979), Soul Note (1984), and Blue Moon (1992) and appeared at the 1994 Monterey Jazz Festival. (source:

"While listening to the mix of different instruments from track to track is fun, this CD is better savored a track or two at a time than trying to absorb the whole thing in one sitting."  (source:, K.Dryden)