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John Lindberg

Trilogy Of Works For Eleven Instrumentalists Black Saint
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Muhal Richard Abrams

1-OQA+19 Black Saint
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Anthony Braxton

Composition No. 173 Black Saint
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Anthony Braxton with The Northwest Creative Orchestra

Eugene (1989) Black Saint
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Anthony Braxton

4 (Ensemble) Compositions - 1992 Black Saint
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Anthony Braxton

Six Monk's Compositions (1987) Black Saint
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Anthony Braxton

Five Compositions (quartet) - 1986 Black Saint
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Anthony Braxton

Six Compositions (Quartet) 1984 Black Saint
8024709048028 - Four Compositions (quartet) 1983 - CD

Anthony Braxton

Four Compositions (quartet) 1983 Black Saint
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Max Roach featuring Anthony Braxton

Birth And Rebirth Black Saint
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