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Michele Rabbia

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8052405143211 - Reminiscence (Live) - CD

Regis Huby, Bruno Chevillon, Michele Rabbia

Reminiscence -- Live at Livio Felluga Winery Cam Jazz
8052405142962 - Floating Lines - CD

Giorgio Pacorig, Giovanni Maier, Michele Rabbia

Floating Lines Cam Jazz

Javier Girotto - Aires Tango

20 years together Cam Jazz
8052405143181 - Blend Pages - CD

Enrico Zanisi

Blend Pages Cam Jazz
8052405141972 - Duende - CD

Javier Girotto - Aires Tango

Duende Cam Jazz
Item: full_album_8052405141439_CD

Federico Casagrande

At The End Of The Day Cam Jazz
Item: full_album_8052405140999_CD

Fulvio Sigurtà

SPL Cam Jazz
Item: full_album_8052405140814_DVD

Michele Rabbia

Dokumenta Sonum Cam Jazz
Item: full_album_8024709775429_CD

Aires Tango

Aniversario Cam Jazz
Item: full_album_8024709775320_CD

Aires Tango

En Vivo Cam Jazz
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