Giorgio Gaslini New Quartet

Skies Of China

Dischi Della Quercia Q 28019

027312801910 - Skies Of China - LP

Artists :
Giorgio Gaslini ( Piano )
Piero Leveratto ( Bass )
Claudio Allifranchini ( Alto Flute )
Paolo Pellegatti ( Drums )

This is the original edition 140 gram LP VINYL.

Recently rediscovered while digging through our vaults, this is the original 1985 vinyl edition of the album.   "It doesn't get any better than this."

(CD available in Giorgio Gaslini Box Set)

SIDE A: Skies Of China (1. Red Stone 2. Purple Silk  3. Blue Wood  4. Green Coral  5. Fire Earth)   SIDE B:   a) Suite Lirica b) ESP 3 (Esperienza-Espansione-Esplosione)