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Winery Series

12 albums, recorded live on location at the prestigious wineries of Northeastern Italy.

Wine and jazz. They somehow belong together; not because the music found its most loyal audience in dimly lit cellars, but because both demand a subtle combination of expertise and technique, great materials, and above all, time. It takes time to make a great wine. In jazz, time is not just the rhythm that propels the music, but the accumulated experience of generations of great players.   Unlike commercial music and mass-produced wine, every good jazz performance is different. When the cork is pulled, you never quite know what is going to happen. Settle back with these twelve extraordinary records and savour them slowly. Jazz and wine – they take time.   (Brian Morton)

8052405143839 - Dear John - CD

Francesco Bearzatti

Dear John -- Live at Le Due Terre Winery Cam Jazz
8052405143815 - Ghost Dance - CD

Filippo Vignato, Hank Roberts

Ghost Dance -- Live at Le Vigne di Zamò Winery Cam Jazz
8052405143792 - Yin And Yang - CD

Rita Marcotulli, Israel Varela

Yin And Yang -- Live at Venica & Venica Winery Cam Jazz
8052405143693 - Chamber Songs - CD

Gabriele Mirabassi, Enrico Zanisi

Chamber Songs -- Live at Tonutti Winery Cam Jazz
8052405143600 - Improvisation - CD

Trio IXI: Regis Huby, Guillaume Roy, Atsushi Sakaï

Improvisation -- Live at Gravner Winery Cam Jazz
8052405143778 - New Day - CD

Huw Warren, Mark Lockheart

New Day -- Live at Livio Felluga Winery Cam Jazz
8052405143273 - Nitido E Obscuro (Live) - CD

Gabriele Mirabassi, Roberto Taufic

Nítido E Obscuro -- Live at Venica & Venica Winery Cam Jazz
8052405143211 - Reminiscence (Live) - CD

Regis Huby, Bruno Chevillon, Michele Rabbia

Reminiscence -- Live at Livio Felluga Winery Cam Jazz
8052405143365 - Two Grounds (Live) - CD

Claudio Filippini, Andrea Lombardini, U.T. Gandhi

Two Grounds -- Live at Le Due Terre Winery Cam Jazz
8052405143242 - Wine & Waltzes  (Live) - CD

Enrico Pieranunzi

Wine & Waltzes -- Live at Bastianich Winery Cam Jazz
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