The Window

Steve Lacy Trio
Steve Lacy Trio
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Artists :

Jean-Jacques Avenel ( Bass )
Steve Lacy ( Soprano Sax )
Jean-Jacques Avenel ( Double Bass )
Oliver Johnson ( Drums )
Steve Lacy Trio

"Stripped down to just saxophone, bass and drums, he reveals just how unconventional a player he actually is, refusing all the obvious rhythmic and chordal clues, playing lines so oblique as almost to belong to another piece altogether."
(source: The Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD)

More Information
Title The Window
Barcode 8024709078926
Catalogue Number 121185-2
Display Artist Steve Lacy Trio
Label Soul Note
Release date Dec 31, 1988
Year 1988
Format cd, digital
Duration 0:47:47
Main genre Jazz
Product type full album