CAM JAZZ was launched in the year 2000 and since then has positioned itself among those independent record labels with utmost international prestige.

The CAM JAZZ catalog has been marked artistically by a variety of styles that intentionally encompass diverse concepts, faithfully reflecting the many spirits that live together in harmony today in the world of jazz.

The launch in 2007 of the CAM JAZZ Presents series is also testimony of the attention given to new  and young talent.

The year 2008 marked a huge milestone for CAM JAZZ with the acquisition of three of the most celebrated and legendary Italian jazz labels of the 80s (and seven-time winners of the Down Beat Critics Poll), the labels Black Saint and Soul Note, as well as the DDQ jazz catalogue.

Another widely recognized and valued trait of the label is its high-level sound quality of its productions, recorded in the best studios in Europe and the U.S., and whose engineers are considered integral part of the unique CAM JAZZ team.

The music is available on all major digital streaming and download platforms, as well as easily accessible through the commerce-enabled website which allows its visitors to listen to, browse through, download, and/or purchase physical products.

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