House Of Cards

Fulvio Sigurtà
Fulvio Sigurtà

CAM Jazz Presents: The series which introduces prime young talent.

CAM Jazz Presents is a new series that CAM Jazz has dedicated to new talent in both the Italian and international jazz scenes, offering an opportunity for deserving artists to venture into the recording world.

Artists :

Fulvio Sigurtà ( Trumpet )
James Allsopp ( Reeds )
Federico Casagrande ( Electric Guitar )
Riaan Vosloo ( Bass )
Timothy Giles ( Drums )
Fulvio Sigurtà

"The most brilliant trumpet player among the new generations, as stated grandly in a trade magazine recently. A bit excessive? Not really. Fulvio Sigurtà is one of the most distinct, powerful players on today’s music scene. By instigating a reaction between traditional and revolutionary ideas and techniques with unconventional, bulimic knowledge, he himself is helping to write or, more aptly, compose this scene, by drawing on the most varied sources and scattering his work of concepts and practices, the significance of which is crucial to combining contemporary poetic trends. His style shows a slow, gradual development in the use of forms and language evolution. Here with James Allsopp on bass clarinet and tenor sax, Federico Casagrande on electric guitar, Riaan Vosloo on bass and Timothy Giles on drums." (F. Scoppio)

All original compositions

Recorded in London on 8, 9, 10 September 2010 at Fish Factory Studio Recording engineer Ben Lamdin

Mixed in Ludwigsburg on 4, 5 October 2010 at Bauer Studios Mixing engineer Johannes Wohlleben

Liner notes by Federico Scoppio

More Information
Title House Of Cards
Catalogue Number CAMJ 3309-5
Display Artist Fulvio Sigurtà
Label Cam Jazz Presents
Release date Feb 24, 2011
Year 2011
Format cd, digital
Duration 58:35
Main genre Jazz
Product type full album