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Aires Tango

En Vivo

Cam Jazz CAMJ 7753-2

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Artists :
Aires Tango ( Band )
Javier Girotto ( Soprano & Baritone Sax )
Marco Siniscalco ( Bass, Electric Bass )
Michele Rabbia ( Percussion, Live Electronics )
Alessandro Gwis ( Piano, Keyboards )
Release date
Jun 14, 2002

A double CD "EN VIVO" recorded live over a period of three days during their concerts on April 2002 at the "la palma" jazz club in Rome.

Fifteen tracks which can be defined as a "Best of" by the group, founded in 1994 by its leader, Argentine saxophonist and composer Javier Girotto. Alongside him there's Alessandro Gwis on the piano, Michele Rabbia on percussion and Marco Siniscalco on electric bass.

Aires Tango's music can be considered a "tainted Tango". In fact, it originates from the fusion of a tango melody and a jazz improvisation. The result is a treated tango, with its melody and rhythm of high Latin nature, yet less limited to its traditional rules, making it fertile terrain for the musicians' jazz improvisations. In this way, Aires Tango reach a great freedom of expression, where the echoes of the past rely on the need for a more modern language.