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Giorgio Gaslini

Gaslini Plays Monk

Soul Note 121020-2

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Artists :
Giorgio Gaslini ( Piano )
Release date
Dec 31, 1981

"Gaslini's feelings for Monk are evident throughout this album. His own originality never bows to the all-encompassing musical personality that is Monks.  Gaslini plays with strength and conviction-- I have rarely heard a European musician play the blues with such feeling.  He plays Monk's standards, but he wisely chooses some of the lesser-known masterworks as well."
(source: from the CD's liner notes by Lee Jeske, 1981)

"I consider Monk a musical genius and his music has been familiar to me for many years.  What fascinated me about his beautiful themes are their internal structures, neatly hidden, which Monk uses to build his little masterpieces. It is clear that the author reached them through the straight-ahead way with a unique and quite personal technique: his spontaneous artistic intuition.  ...It is difficult for me to express all the musical research, work, and love that I put on this record. I can only hope that it captures the interest of the listener as it captured my passion in doing it."         (source: from the CD's liner notes by Giorgio Gaslini)