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Enrico Pieranunzi, Marc Johnson, Joey Baron

Play Morricone 1 & 2 - The Complete Recordings

Cam Jazz CAMJ 7873-5

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Artists :
Enrico Pieranunzi ( Piano )
Joey Baron ( Drums )
Marc Johnson ( Bass )
Pieranunzi Jonson Baron ( Trio )
Release date
Apr 15, 2014

The year 2014 marked the 30th anniversary of the Pieranunzi-Johnson-Baron Trio. THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS combines volumes 1 and 2 of the celebrated Play Morricone albums, where the legendary Trio had explored some of the maestro's most enchanting film themes, largely untapped until then. To complete this double-CD remastered special edition, two bonus tracks are included (Musashi and Nuovo Cinema Paradiso) from the live sessions recorded in Tokyo in 2004.

"A year of celebrations for Enrico Pieranunzi! A work entirely dedicated to Ennio Morricone’s repertoire following closely behind a striking re-release of “FelliniJazz” in double LP format. This time, his chance arose with the thirtieth anniversary of this outstanding trio including Marc Johnson on double bass and Joey Baron on drums. The two albums, recorded in 2001 and 2002, respectively, are available again in a re-mastered double CD and contain both famous and less known tunes, marvellously re-arranged and played by the trio. As an exclusive treat, this re-release offers two additional pieces (“Musashi” and “Nuovo Cinema Paradiso”) recorded live during a performance in Tokyo in 2004 and included in the album Live in Japan.  His trio was established by mere chance in 1984. As Pieranunzi puts it, the two U.S. musicians were engaged to play at Music Inn with Kenny Drew, who had to leave the tour for family reasons. Having being summoned by the jazz club, the Roman pianist found himself thrust on the stage together with Johnson and Baron, starting a lucky artistic partnership that has continued to date.  Here and there, among renowned Morricone themes, a few tunes by Pieranunzi pop up in the CD, inspired by and connected with the Maestro’s works. “Throughout the 70’s and 80’s,” – the pianist says, – “I had a very close bond with Ennio Morricone’s music, since I used to play as studio man for dozens of films whose soundtracks bore his signature. One can easily understand how unique it has been to find myself arranging that music, so as to render it an improvisation tool for the trio”.  Listening to this terrific double album again will be a moving experience, too; for those who already know it and those who will discover it today; for those who are supporters of the Pieranunzi-Johnson-Baron trio and those who have not come across it before; for those who love Morricone and those who would like to discover a hidden side of his.  No better words to close than with those of Joey Baron: “I think these performances have a magical ring. Whatever the reason, magic is here”.  Enjoy the music."

Liner notes by Enrico Pieranunzi

Cover photo by Andrea Pacioni

CD 1
Recorded in Rome in February 2001 at Sonic Recording Studio - Recording engineer Goffredo Gibellini - Assisted by Mauro Rea - Remixed in Ludwigsburg in June 2013 at Bauer Studios - Mixing engineer Johannes Wohlleben  
Photos by Andrea Pacioni
CD 2
Recorded in Rome in June 2002 at Forum Music Village - Recording & mixing engineer Luciano Torani - Assisted by Damiano Antinori
Photos by Alessia Calvani
#12 CD1, #12 CD2: Recorded in Tokyo at Asahi Hall, Arena Hall and Yokohama at Aka-Renga Hall in March 2004 - Recording engineer Danilo Rossi - Mixed in Rome at Sonic Recording Studio by G. Gibellini assisted by G. Porelli  


Ennio Morricone “And the winner is…”

…Una delle “incursioni” più interessanti nel mondo musicale di Morricone è rappresentata da Play Morricone 1 & 2 The Complete Recordings, progetto realizzato dal pianista Enrico Pieranunzi affiancato da Marc Johnson al contrabbasso e da Joey Baron alla batteria. Si tratta in realtà di una ristampa che l’etichetta CAM JAZZ ha pubblicato nel 2014 per festeggiare il trentennale del trio Pieranunzi-Johnson-Baron, riunendo i due album registrati rispettivamente nel 2001 e 2002 (con l’aggiunta di due brani registrati dal vivo a Tokyo nel 2004 e apparsi originariamente nell’album Live In Japan). L’incontro del pianista romano con le opere dell’acclamatissimo compositore non è stato frutto del caso, come racconta lo stesso Pieranunzi: «durante gli anni ‘70 e ‘80 ho avuto un rapporto ravvicinatissimo con la musica di Ennio Morricone suonando come “studio man” in decine di film la cui colonna sonora era stata scritta da lui. Ritrovarmi ora ad arrangiare quella musica, a strutturarla in modo che potesse funzionare come veicolo d’improvvisazione per il trio è stata una “full immersion” mozzafiato. Ha rappresentato, infatti, la possibilità di fondere il mio mondo musicale con quello di un musicista il cui universo sonoro è pieno di suggestioni, ricco di sapienza, e capace di mettere in moto un “range” amplissimo di emozioni». La selezione dei temi, pur evitando i brani più battuti come quelli degli spaghetti western, non è comunque avara di sorprese, proponendo momenti molto noti accanto ad altri meno conosciuti ma di sicuro rilievo. Lo stesso compositore, del resto, si è espresso con parole piuttosto lusinghiere: «Sorpreso! Molto sorpreso al primo impatto che ho avuto ascoltando le belle elaborazioni del caro e stimato amico Enrico Pieranunzi, di Marc Johnson e di Joey Baron. Sorpreso, ammirato, euforico per le positive esecuzioni dove i pezzi originali, ritrovati e rispettati, hanno una fisionomia nuova e l’interpretazione jazzistica sapiente dei tre grandi solisti non distrugge i pezzi ma li valorizza. Posso solo ringraziare caramente Enrico per tutto ciò che ha messo in questo CD della sua cultura musicale e la sua grande tecnica. Ascolterò e riascolterò con gioia questa loro brillante fatica».

10/9/2016Mu MagStefano Innamorati
Play Morricone 1 & 2

Enrico Pieranunzi has long been one of the top European jazz pianists, blending classical education with richly textured jazz improvisation. A professional since his late teens, the Italian has recorded prolifically for four decades as a leader, primarily in trio settings. Pieranunzi has also worked and recorded with many visiting all-stars (a few include Phil Woods, Art Farmer, Lee Konitz and Chet Baker) and started performing on a regular basis with bassist Marc Johnson and drummer Joey Baron in 1984, after being invited to sub for Kenny Drew. Recently he has been playing with bassist Scott Colley (who has worked with Jim Hall, Andrew Hill, Gary Burton and Kenny Werner, along with dates as a leader) and the rising young drummer Antonio Sanchez (who has recorded with Burton, Werner, Pat Metheny and Colley, among others). Ennio Morricone was the son of a jazz trumpeter and played jazz early in his career, shifting to composing movie soundtracks by the early ‘60s. He has written music for hundreds of films, ranging from Clint Eastwood’s hit “spaghetti” westerns to The Untouchables and many others, though he primarily scores Italian films made for European audiences. Pieranunzi has played piano on a number of Morricone’s soundtracks, so it is only logical that he would take some of the composer’s favorite themes to interpret in a jazz setting. With Johnson and Baron, the pianist recorded two separate releases focusing mainly on Morricone’s movie music between 2001-2002, this two-CD reissue adding two previously unissued live performances from 2004. Whether or not one is familiar with the films or the music, the trio is playing at a high level throughout the sessions because it is an interactive group. The lush opener “Addio Fratello Crudele” is marked by singing basslines interwoven with moving piano, accompanied by subtle yet varied brushwork. “La Voglia Matta” is an upbeat postbop vehicle that could easily be mistaken for an American jazz composition. On Disc 2 Pieranunzi offers contrasting versions of “I Malamondo” back to back, both of which swing like mad. “Il Vizietto” is a complex samba that constantly shifts direction while “Ninfa Plebea” is a touching ballad with a childlike air, buoyed by a soft bossa nova rhythm. Pieranunzi’s “Waltz For a Future Movie” is a memorable ballad that itself could easily fit into a movie soundtrack. The compilation wraps with a stunning live interpretation of Morricone’s “Musashi” in which the pianist’s wavelike approach, Johnson’s prominent, potent bass and Baron’s offbeat percussion come together in a magical mix.

1/4/2015The New York City Jazz RecordKen Dryden
Enrico Pieranunzi, Marc Johnson and Joey Baron Play Morricone 1 & 2

In the early 2000s, the trio of pianist Enrico Pieranunzi, bassist Marc Johnson and drummer Joey Baron made some remarkable recordings of music by legendary film composer Ennio Morricone. They’re certainly not the first to cover portions of the maestro’s vast body of work. But these albums – like much of their work together – warrant special attention. So, in celebration of the 30th anniversary together, CAM JAZZ has reissued their two Play Morricone albums, along with two other superb Morricone covers (“Nuovo Cinema Paradiso” and “Musashi”) that were part of their Live in Japan album.
The trio mine the material for a number of romantic, laid-back ballads, but they also display a range of influences that adds new vitality. For example, they render “I Malamondo” as an easy-swinging barnburner. Here, Pieranunzi unleashes a solo that begins bluesy and gains momentum, spurred by exchanges between Johnson and Baron. Finally, after another take of the head, the pianist teeters on the edge of dissonance before reprising the melody’s upbeat swing – a sharp contrast to Morricone’s own faintly melancholy version. Similarly, on “Il Clan Dei Siciliani”, Pieranunzi only teases the original tune with repeated phrases that build in frenetic energy. When he finally plays the melody, in unison with Johnson, the tension breaks. But the piece remains taut and discordant, thanks in no small part to the way Baron frames it.
Morricone’s music is as superb as ever. More striking is the ease with which these three masterful musicians translate the cinematic source material into a distinctly personal jazz idiom. These aren’t Morricone’s best-known compositions, but the artists chose them with care and transformed them into a showcase for their tremendous skills.

31/10/2014JazzizWarren Allen
La profezia di Pieranunzi

Enrico Pieranunzi è sul mercato discografico con uscite legate tra loro da robusti fili sonori ed estetici…
CAM JAZZ propone il singolo Stories e il doppio Morricone 1& 2. The Complete RecordingsMorricone ripropone le due sedute di registrazione del 2001-’02 in cui sonda e plasma, con Marc Johnson e Joey Baron, il repertorio del Maestro, integrato da originali, con momenti di alta ispirazione e tenera poesia.

12/7/2014Alias Il ManifestoLuigi Onori
Pieranunzi-Johnson-Baron Morricone 1 & 2

Iniziativa in grande stile per i trent’anni di vita del trio Pieranunzi-Johnson-Baron: la CAM JAZZ ristampa insieme il primo e il secondo dei due album dedicati alle colonne sonore di Ennio Morricone (con l’aggiunta di due pezzi registrati dal vivo a Tokyo e apparsi originariamente nell’album “Live In Japan”). Questo ci ricorda, da un lato, quanto Morricone sia stato gloriosamente fertile per il cinema. Ma, dall’altro lato, ci riconsegna uno dei capitoli più belli della formula piano-basso-batteria. Il trio raccoglie materiale che non era stato concepito per il jazz e lo arricchisce di risorse in termini di swing, dinamiche, magia dell’interplay. In certi momenti la semplicità poetica non svela tutto il lavoro preparatorio e tutta la competenza che vi stanno dietro. Da non perdere.

4/7/2014Musica JazzGiuseppe Piacentino
Pieranunzi Jonson Baron play Morricone 1 & 2

The Enrico Pieranunzi-Marc Johnson-Joey Baron piano trio’s jazz explorations of the film scores of Ennio Morricone were so well received when they were first released in 2003, it’s little wonder that CAM JAZZ has now seen fit to unify the set and reissue it in slightly augmented form (two tracks recorded in Tokyo in 2004 have been added). Morricone – whose output for the silver screen stretches well beyond ‘The Ecstasy of Gold’ for The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and is hardly less significant in cinematic terms than that of fellow Italian Nino Rota, who worked with Fellini – has written countless themes worthy of improve-led reinterpretation, and jazz performers are always hungry for new standards to embroider and recast. The result is a satisfying examination of the composer’s back catalogue, with the lyrically inclined Pieranunzi and his collaborators offering a keenly nuanced tour of the Italian master voluminous canon.

4/6/2014JazzwiseRobert Shore
Play Morricone 1 & 2

Pour célébrer les trente ans de leur trio, voici réédités en un double CD les deux albums qu’Enrico Pieranunzi et ses compères enregistrèrent en 2001 et 2002 en hommage au célèbre compositeur de musiques de film. Rappelons (le hasard fait parfois très bien les choses) qu’ils ses rencontrèrent un soir de 1984 dans un club où le pianiste dut remplacer Kenny Drew au pied levé. La complicité immédiate entre l’un des pianistes européens le plus evansiens et celui qui fut le dernier contrebassiste du maître fut enrichie de la subtilité d’un batteur que l’on ne connaissait alors que très peu. Le trois musiciens se retrouvèrent ensuite régulièrement pour de nombreux disques, même s’il arriva à Paul Motian de prendre place de Joey Baron dans ce trio magique. Quant à Ennio Morricone, il n’est pas étonnant que Pieranunzi ait proposé sa musique à ses complices, ayant lui-même été au piano lors des séances d’enregistrement d’une douzaine de musiques de film composées par le mélodiste transalpin. Fort de ce matériau musical marqué de sceau de l’italianité où le pianiste glisse une de ses superbes compositions (Waltz for a Future Movie), ce trio unique nous régale une fois de plus avec une musique fluide, sensuelle et rendue aérienne par une entente quasi télépathique entre les trois virtuoses. Pas étonnant qu’ils sachent, dès les premiers accords de chaque morceau, nous emmener d’emblée vers un monde meilleur!

6/5/2014Jazz Magazine/JazzmanPhilippe Vincent
Play Morricone 1 & 2

La ristampa filologica tra i cd jazz, è un imperativo categorico… La CAM JAZZ con Plays Morricone 1 & 2 decide di riunire in un solo doppio album i due volumi che Enrico Pieranunzi, con Marc Johnson e Joey Baron, registra nel 2001 e nel 2002, aggiungendo due live a Tokyo del 2004: capolavoro di piano jazz trio su colonne sonore poco note.

12/4/2014Alias - Il ManifestoGuido Michelone
Enrico PIERANUNZI – Marc JOHNSON – Joey BARON "Morricone 1 & 2 – The Complete Recordings"

Ce double album est la reprise remasterisée de deux albums parus en 2001 et 2002. Ce magnifique trio (13 ans d’âge!) y jouait exclusivement les compositions d’Ennio Morricone. Pour faire bon poids, deux morceaux extraits de l’album "Live in Japan" 2007. Chez CAM JAZZ, on est toujours bien servi... Qu’ils jouent Morricone ou autre chose, Enrico Pieranunzi, Marc Johnson et Joey Baron font des merveilles. Écoutons-les!

4/4/2014culturejazz.frThierry Giard
Quei cofanetti che esaltano le sfumature

…La formula del The complete recordings può però riguardare anche album più recenti. Come accade per il doppio di Enrico Pieranunzi Play Morricone 1 & 2 che raccoglie i dischi con la rivisitazione delle musiche da film del compositore romano. Incisi dal pianista in trio con Marc Johnson al contrabbasso e Joey Baron alla batteria vengono ora riproposti a poco più di dieci anni dalla loro apparizione con l’aggiunta di due pezzi, Musashi e Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, registrati dal vivo e inseriti in Live In Japan. Un’antologia contemporanea che non solo permette di cogliere le sfumature e il significato del progetto, ma lo consegna alla storia.

14/3/2014Sette - Corriere della SeraLorenzo Viganò
Enrico Pieranunzi Play Morricone 1 & 2

Si sono incontrati trent’anni fa. Enrico Pieranunzi chiamato a sostituire Kenny Drew, il pianista che doveva esibirsi al Music Inn con Marc Johnson (contrabbasso) e Joey Baron (batteria). Da quel 1984, di ottimo jazz ne hanno sfornato tanto. Esplorando anche il mondo di un maestro delle colonne sonore: due interi album dedicati alla musica di Ennio Morricone. In occasione del trentennale tornano, rimasterizzati in un doppio cd.

13/3/2014l’UnitàPaolo Odello