All The More

Kenny Wheeler
Kenny Wheeler

"These recordings (released on a 1997 CD) are an excellent showcase for trumpeter Kenny Wheeler..."

Artists :

Joe La Barbera ( Drums )
John Taylor ( Piano )
Kenny Wheeler ( Trumpet, Flugelhorn )
Furio Di Castri ( Bass )
Kenny Wheeler

“These 1993 recordings (released on a 1997 CD) are an excellent showcase for trumpeter Kenny Wheeler. Six of the eight compositions are his (all but drummer La Barbera's "Kind of Bill" and the closing standard "Summer Night"); Wheeler's mostly mellow-toned trumpet matches very well with the lyrical piano of John Taylor (who has worked with Wheeler on and off for 20 years), bassist Furio Di Castri and La Barbera. Wheeler can sound so peaceful and wistful that it is always a surprise when he displays his wide range and hits some impressive high notes, as he does in spots throughout the set. His originals are complex yet friendly, unpredictable but logical, always seeming to develop gradually until their conclusion. He is also very democratic in allocating solo space. Well worth picking up.”   (source:, S. Yanow)

"Kenny Wheeler's gorgeous trumpet anchors these tracks, but also attracting attention here is the understated beauty and subtle adventurousness of John Taylor's piano. With that kind of combination in his playing, Taylor is a perfect match for Wheeler, who has straddled a few divides in his time." (source: All About Jazz)

More Information
Title All The More
Catalogue Number 121236-2
Display Artist Kenny Wheeler
Label Soul Note
Release date Dec 31, 1997
Year 1997
Format cd, digital
Duration 63:00
Main genre Jazz
Product type full album