Raw Materials And Residuals

Julius Hemphill
Julius Hemphill

Artists :

Abdul Wadud ( Cello )
Famoudou Don Moye ( Drums, Percussion )
Julius Hemphill ( Alto, Soprano & Tenor Sax, Flute )
Julius Hemphill

This is a 180 gram deluxe LP VINYL. In addition to maintaining the original artwork and content, it includes a bonus CD.

 (Also available on CD)

One of the essential al­bums of 70’s creative jazz. The music of the late great saxophonist and composer Julius Hemphill presents a strong combination of Blues roots, Free energy and Bop complexity. Recor­ded in New York in 1977, Raw Materials and Resi­duals explodes like a face off between Hemphill’s uni­que reeds, Abdul Wadud’s deep pizzicato and Don Moye’s frantic drive.

SIDE A: 1. C 2. Mirrors 3. Long Rhythm SIDE B: 4. Plateau 5. G Song

More Information
Title Raw Materials And Residuals
Catalogue Number BS 520004
Display Artist Julius Hemphill
Label Black Saint
Release date Mar 14, 2014
Year 2014
Format vinyl
Main genre Jazz
Product type full album