Composition No. 173

Anthony Braxton
Anthony Braxton
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Artists :

Anthony Braxton ( Saxophone, Conductor )
Brett Larner ( Koto )
Dirck Westervelt ( Guitar Bass )
Jenny Hill ( Clarinet )
Joe Fonda ( Bass )
Kevin O'Neil ( Guitar )
Sandra Miller ( Cello )
Bo Bell ( Bassoon )
Melinda Newman ( oboe )
Brandon Evans ( Bass Clarinet )
Danielle Langston ( Violin )
Nickie Braxton ( Violin )
Jacob Rosen ( Cello )
Josh Rosenblatt ( Percussion )
Anthony Braxton

"...“…it has moments of real musical beauty, especially here when the woodwinds are solo-ingÂ…."     (source: The Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD)

"This musically and textually complex composition examines movement-strategies that occur in normal life in various spaces (a living room, an airport, a theater space, an open outdoor area "I hear an influence coming on from the CKA AREAS," dream spaces, etc.); the actors describe in subtle detail several "movement-execution strategies." Body areas are examined as analogs for the occurrence of sound, the imagery of a "body-examination logic." As one actor describes the purpose of the text "... all I need are allies who are willing to risk a moment to change fundamental established 'positions, ' really Arnold, it's time for a change." The music is exciting and contrapuntally dense, and at other times mysteriously sustained. Maps of geography (sounds moving about the real and imaginary and video "virtual" lands) and musical graph strategies are treated as analogs. A thoughtful and innovative "multimedia" work."

(source:, B.G. Tyranny)

More Information
Title Composition No. 173
Barcode 8024709058027
Catalogue Number 120166-2
Display Artist Anthony Braxton
Label Black Saint
Release date Dec 28, 1996
Year 1996
Format cd, digital
Duration 0:57:57
Main genre Jazz
Product type full album