Steve Lacy Quintet
Steve Lacy Quintet

This was the period when Lacy characterized his music as 'poly-free'...

Artists :

Irene Aebi ( Vocal, Violin, Cello )
Oliver Johnson ( Drums )
Steve Lacy ( Soprano Saxophone )
Steve Potts ( Alto & Soprano Sax )
Kent Carter ( Bass )
Steve Lacy Quintet ( Quintet )
Steve Lacy Quintet

RE-MASTERED AUDIO and NEW PACKAGING ! This album, originally released in 1979, was re-mastered and repackaged in Digifile cardboard format. It includes the original full-color booklet.

"This was the period when Lacy characterized his music as 'poly-free', an attempt to categorize his still rather ramshackle combination of unfettered group improvisation with scored or predetermined passages."   (source: The Penguin Guide to Jazz)

Originally released in 1979

More Information
Title Troubles
Catalogue Number BSGG005-2
Display Artist Steve Lacy Quintet
Label Black Saint
Release date Nov 4, 2016
Year 2016
Format cd, digital
Duration 37:37
Main genre Jazz
Product type full album