Give And Take

John Lindberg
John Lindberg
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Artists :

Barry Altschul ( Drums )
John Lindberg ( Bass )
George Lewis ( Trombone )
John Lindberg

"This album will delight you, but it should only surprise those who have failed to follow the best of recent creative improvisation.  Still, some listeners, expecting a more stern and academic recital, will no doubt be caught off guard by the abundance of warmth and humor in the music of John Lindberg's trio.  They should have no trouble in setting their preconceptions aside, which after all is one of the things the music of Lindberg, George Lewis and Barry Altschul has always been about."

(source: from the CD's liner notes by Bob Blumenthal)

More Information
Title Give And Take
Barcode 8024709048622
Catalogue Number 120072-2
Display Artist John Lindberg
Label Black Saint
Release date Dec 28, 1983
Year 1983
Format cd, digital
Duration 0:40:40
Main genre Jazz
Product type full album