Dimension 5

John Lindberg Quintet
John Lindberg Quintet

Artists :

Billy Bang ( Violin )
Hugh Ragin ( Trumpet )
John Lindberg ( Bass )
Marty Ehrlich ( Piccolo, Flute, Clarinet, Sax )
Thurman Barker ( Drums, Percussion )
John Lindberg Quintet

"This album, recorded live at Cami Hall in New York City, will give the people that have not yet heard this magnificent young bass player and composer the chance to 'dig' him. Do not miss it, especially as all the compositions are by John Lindberg, who shows here he is quite a bandleader."   (source: from the CD's liner notes by M. Cullaz, 1981)

(Original Vinyl LP also available)

More Information
Title Dimension 5
Barcode 8024709047625
Catalogue Number 120062-2
Display Artist John Lindberg Quintet
Label Black Saint
Release date Dec 28, 1982
Year 1982
Format cd, digital
Duration 0:43:4
Main genre Jazz
Product type full album