Four Compositions (quartet) 1983

Anthony Braxton
Anthony Braxton

Braxton's music is difficult to categorize...

Artists :

Anthony Braxton ( Saxophone, Conductor )
John Lindberg ( Bass )
George Lewis ( Trombone )
Gerry Hemingway ( Drums )
Anthony Braxton

Braxton's music is difficult to categorize, and because of this, he likes to reference his works (and the works of his collaborators and students) as simply "creative music".[citation needed] He has claimed in numerous interviews that he is not a jazz musician,[citation needed] though many of his works have been jazz and improvisation oriented, and he has released many albums of jazz standards. In addition to these, Braxton has released an increasing number of works for large-scale orchestras, including two opera cycles. Braxton's music combines an ecstatic, primal vigor with highly theoretical and mystically influenced systems. He is the author of multiple volumes explaining his theories and pieces, such as the philosophical three-volume Triaxium Writings and the five-volume Composition Notes, both published by Frog Peak Music. While his compositions and improvisations can be characterized as avant-garde, many of his pieces have a swing feel and rhythmic angularity that are overtly indebted to Charlie Parker and the bebop tradition. Though much of his music can be safely classified as jazz, Braxton has worked in a wide variety of other genres and has sometimes had a prickly relationship with the jazz mainstream.

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Title Four Compositions (quartet) 1983
Catalogue Number 120066-2
Display Artist Anthony Braxton
Label Black Saint
Release date Dec 28, 1983
Year 1983
Format cd, digital
Duration 41:00
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Main genre Jazz
Product type full album