Common Goal

String Trio Of New York
String Trio Of New York

Artists :

Billy Bang ( Violin )
John Lindberg ( Bass )
String Trio Of New York ( Trio )
James Emery ( Soprano Guitar )
James Emery ( Guitar )
String Trio Of New York

"I must confess I had not thought it possible for an all-string group to be so viscerally powerful while simultaneously being so technically formidable. The Trio has a sure sense of collective drama, with all the necessary attendant skills in dynamics and in how to keep a story moving. ...This is music with flesh, blood, sinew, fire, grace-- and, equally blessed-- humor."

(source: from the CD's liner notes by Nat Hentoff, 1981)

(Original Vinyl LP also available)

More Information
Title Common Goal
Barcode 8024709047229
Catalogue Number 120058-2
Display Artist String Trio Of New York
Label Black Saint
Release date Dec 28, 1982
Year 1982
Format cd, digital
Duration 0:39:39
Main genre Jazz
Product type full album