String Trio Of New York
String Trio Of New York
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Artists :

John Lindberg ( Bass )
Regina Carter ( Violin )
String Trio Of New York ( Trio )
James Emery ( Soprano Guitar )
James Emery ( Guitar )
String Trio Of New York

"The String Trio of New York,which since 1991 has consisted of violinist Regina Carter, guitarist James Emery and bassist John Lindberg (the latter two were founding members in 1979), is often classified as an avant-garde group due to its unusual instrumentation and chancetaking improvisations. However this Black Saint release is among their most accessible. Although not all of the nine performances are blues, all of the selections are given blues feeling. In addition to five diverse originals (including an eccentric country blues "Bellyachin' Blues"), the group performs the Ellington piece (which was apparently never recorded by Duke), Lee Morgan's "Speedball," a mournful version of "Freddie Freeloader" and a six-song Charlie Parker blues suite which purposely slows down and speeds up in spots to jarring effect. With the exception of the latter (which ends inconclusively), this is a successful effort, well worth seeking out by adventurous listeners."

(source: S. Yanow,

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Title Blues...?
Barcode 8024709056221
Catalogue Number 120148-2
Display Artist String Trio Of New York
Label Black Saint
Release date Dec 28, 1995
Year 1995
Format cd, digital
Duration 0:51:51
Main genre Jazz
Product type full album