The Heartbeat, The Breath

Landon Knoblock
Landon Knoblock

CAM Jazz Presents: The series which introduces prime young talent.

CAM Jazz Presents is a new series that CAM Jazz has dedicated to new talent in both the Italian and international jazz scenes, offering an opportunity for deserving artists to venture into the recording world.

Artists :

Joe Rehmer ( Bass )
Austin McMahon ( Drums )
Landon Knoblock ( Piano )
Landon Knoblock

"Language is just what Landon Knoblock’s search is aimed at. The young, but not green pianist from southern Florida has been active for some time around Brooklyn. This music is worked out in the name of oral culture, direct relations, continuous exchange, unwritten sources handed down from traditional and technological know-how." (F. Scoppio)

All original compositions

Recorded and mixed in Englewood (NJ) on 6, 7 February 2008 at Bennett Studio Recording and mixing engineer Dave Kowalski

Liner notes by Federico Scoppio

More Information
Title The Heartbeat, The Breath
Catalogue Number CAMJ 3305-2
Display Artist Landon Knoblock
Label Cam Jazz Presents
Release date May 6, 2008
Year 2008
Format cd, digital
Duration 61:00
Main genre Jazz
Product type full album