New Trophy

El Portal
El Portal

CAM Jazz Presents: The series which introduces prime young talent.

CAM Jazz Presents is a new series that CAM Jazz has dedicated to new talent in both the Italian and international jazz scenes, offering an opportunity for deserving artists to venture into the recording world.

Artists :

Joe Rehmer ( Bass )
Nolan Lem ( Tenor Sax )
Rainer Davies ( Electric Guitar )
Paul Bedal ( Fender Rhodes )
Dion Keith Kerr IV ( Drums )
El Portal ( Band )
El Portal

El Portal comes from Miami, and they took their name from a suburb of 2,500 inhabitants. It's a quintet formed by Nolan Lem on saxophone (all of the pieces were written by him), Rainer Davies on electric guitar, Paul Bedal on Fender Rhodes, Joe Rehmer on bass and Dion Keith Kerr IV on drums. It was in the autumn of 2006 when the five musicians found themselves hiding out in the same house for days from the violent Hurricane Katrina. They made a pact that, if all of them escaped unharmed, they would found a jazz band together. Not exactly typical.

Their strong bond can be easily heard on this record. Their varied listening habits and performing experience are reflected in the currency of the music. Here and there we find hypnotic bass lines and rock riffs; but there's also a nod to Mingus and an affinity for drastic changes of tempo and mood which remind attentive listeners of John Zorn. But these similarities are incorporated into a musical whole which stands on its own strength, characterized by a search for unexplored sonic territory. These young musicians are covering ground, making strong original music with a conviction that belies their age. (F. Scoppio)

Recorded in Cavalicco (Udine) on 18, 19 May 2011 at Artesuono Recording Studio Recording engineer Stefano Amerio

Liner notes by Federico Scoppio

More Information
Title New Trophy
Catalogue Number CAMJ 3312-5
Display Artist El Portal
Label Cam Jazz
Release date Mar 27, 2012
Year 2012
Format cd, digital
Duration 43:44
Encode mp3
Main genre Jazz
Product type full album