One Of Many

Kenny Wheeler
Kenny Wheeler

"Another superb entry in the discography of an artist whose career has been marked by consistency and the sound of surprise, One of Many is, well, one more reason why comparing Wheeler to Ellington is astute—and right on the money." (All About Jazz, J. Kelman)

Artists :

Steve Swallow ( Electric Bass )
John Taylor ( Piano )
Kenny Wheeler ( Trumpet, Flugelhorn )
Kenny Wheeler

We learned about Kenny Wheeler through his many shades, all different from one another: from the legendary trio Azimuth; with Anthony Braxton even before that, with Dave Holland later. We have admired him for his style in the so-called improvised music; as a composer and also an arranger, a sort of Maynard Ferguson. However, in these last few years when we listen to a Wheeler CD, we can’t help but remain impressed by his poetic artistry, from that sound (of trumpet and flugelhorn), from that unmistakable lyricism that acts on the subjectivity of the poet, with a focus on the emotional and sentimental aspects and not on the rational ones. Such are his compositions, gentle but resolute.  One Of Many, where we see him engaged in a trio with John Taylor and Steve Swallow, a fabulous and full rhythmic engine, but also melodic, was recorded at Bauer Studios in Ludwigsburg at the end of July 2006, under the engineering of Johannes Wohlleben who recalls his meeting with Kenny: “Many years ago I recorded Kenny Wheeler in different jazz formations, but it was the Cam Jazz recordings that showed me Kenny´s playing as absolutely unique. He possesses the wisdom of the experienced musician. He is a modest person with a nice sense of humor. It was a pleasure and a privilege for me to work on the recordings of his music. My favorite CD is Other People, with his compositions for string quartet, piano and flugelhorn/trumpet. What wonderful music!” To describe the aesthetic of the trio, adjectives such as melancholy and romantic are often used, but also bold and voracious. And the themes on this album, built on unusual and independent-flowing harmonies, merely enhance the appeal and the explosive force of the trio.

"...his playing is absolutely unique" (Johannes Wohlleben, Recording Engineer)

"...his sound is simply transcendent" (James Farber, Recording Engineer)

"...Kenny is incomparable" (Stefano Amerio, Recording Engineer)

Recorded and mixed in Ludwigsburg on 30, 31 July 2006, at Bauer Studios Recording & mixing engineer Johannes Wohlleben

Cover photo by Andrea Boccalini

More Information
Title One Of Many
Catalogue Number CAMJ 7835-5
Display Artist Kenny Wheeler
Label Cam Jazz
Release date Feb 24, 2011
Year 2011
Format cd, digital
Duration 52:27
Main genre Jazz
Product type full album