Soul Seasons

Luigi Tessarollo Quartet
Luigi Tessarollo Quartet

"Colorful music that always holds on to one's attention." (source:, S.Yanow)

Artists :

Dario Deidda ( Bass )
Luigi Tessarollo ( Guitar )
George Garzone ( Tenor And Soprano Sax )
Enzo Zirilli ( Drums )
Luigi Tessarollo Quartet

"Luigi Tessarollo is an Italian guitarist whose style ranges from Jim Hall to hints of spaced-out rock. His regular trio (which includes bassist Dario Deidda and drummer Enzo Zirilli) is joined by the equally versatile tenor saxophonist George Garzone (who plays two songs on soprano) for every number but the opener. Garzone can play very melodically yet go completely outside when the music asks for it; overall this is one of his more inside dates. Among the more memorable selections on the set are "Two & Two" (which is based closely on the standard "Four"), a calypso in the vein of Sonny Rollins and Jim Hall ("The Best Life"), the abrasive "Ratataplan," a lyrical "Therasia," the pretty ballad, "Soul Seasons," and the somewhat demented "Draggin' Gait." Colorful music that always holds on to one's attention." (source:, S.Yanow)

More Information
Title Soul Seasons
Catalogue Number 128024-2
Display Artist Luigi Tessarollo Quartet
Label Dischi Della Quercia
Release date Dec 31, 1997
Year 1997
Format cd, digital
Duration 58:58
Main genre Jazz
Product type full album