Trane's Groove

Carla Marciano
Carla Marciano

"This recording is my unpretentious but sincere tribute to John Coltrane". (Carla Marciano)

Artists :

Dario Deidda ( Bass )
Carla Marciano ( Alto & Sopranino Saxes )
Alessandro La Corte ( Piano )
Aldo Vigorito ( Bass )
Donato Cimaglia ( Drums )
Carla Marciano

"Since Marciano has never recorded before, one wonders whether she has adopted Coltrane's tone and attack for this tribute project or if she always plays with such force". (Bill Donaldson, Cadence Magazine)

Aldo Vigorito - bass on tracks #1, 2, 6   Dario Deidda - bass on tracks #3, 4, 5, 7; trumpet on track #2

Recorded in September 2001 at Panorama Studio  Mixed and pre-mastered at Zork Digital Planet in Salerno by Daniele Chiarello

More Information
Title Trane's Groove
Catalogue Number 128059-2
Display Artist Carla Marciano
Label Dischi Della Quercia
Release date Dec 31, 2002
Year 2002
Format cd, digital
Duration 56:56
Main genre Jazz
Product type full album