8024709100924 - Giochi Di Nuvole - CD

Emanuele Cisi
Emanuele Cisi

Artists :

Emanuele Cisi ( Tenor And Soprano Sax )
Francesco Sotgiu ( Drums )
Marco Micheli ( Bass )
Paolo Birro ( Piano )
Emanuele Cisi

"Brother Cisi, My first listen to your music was during a drive to San Francisco in July. I listened --I smiled-- I made comments into the winds of Gaviota. Under the umbrella of Big Sur redwoods I played the ballad twice. Maybe three times. Very soulful.  A warm simpatico can be heard in the interplay with your musicians. Concept, communication, sensitivity, character, lyricism, tone, swing, colors, textures,-- communion with nature-- you have this-- even maturity... (Charles Llyod, October 1996 - excerpt from the CD liner notes)

"You start on track #1: lying in a field of grass, you watch the clouds pass overhead.  From here you fly to the skies with Jolanda, love and energy blowing wildly through your hair. You land on #3, where you find a friend who is always there for you.  Be careful on #4, as doubt creeps in: you’ve got to guess the answer without knowing the question… If you get it right, sing yourself a lullaby, and while watching the moon’s reflection on the snow, float all the way to #6.  Skip a turn, Do Not Pass Go! A wave of panic casts you into the throes of a painful, but illuminating despair… You escape, feeling moved by the sight of the white gorilla of Barcelona before it metls, at #7, and immediately following, you learn to sing with Mr. Wand the magician; then, when you’ve finally arrived at #9, remember when you were young, when you would lie in the grass and watch the clouds at play."   (From the CD liner notes by Emanuele Cisi)

More Information
Catalogue Number 128022-2
Display Artist Emanuele Cisi
Label Dischi Della Quercia
Release date Dec 31, 1998
Year 1998
Format cd, digital
Duration 59:59
Main genre Jazz
Product type full album