Buell Neidlinger's String Jazz
Buell Neidlinger's String Jazz
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Artists :

Brenton Banks ( Violin )
Marty Krystall ( Sax Tenor )
Billy Osborne ( Drums )
Buell Neidlinger ( Bass )
John Kurnick ( Mandolin )
Buell Neidlinger's String Jazz
"Although several of the selections had been recorded by Neidlinger during the past decade, these renditions sound quite a bit different. Krystall is a powerful soloist. The obscure string players fare quite well, and such tunes as "Rockin' in Rhythm," "Skippy," "I Mean You," and "Boo Boo's Birthday" are all given fresh renditions. Recommended."

(source: All Music Guide)
More Information
Title Locomotive
Barcode 8024709076526
Catalogue Number 121161-2
Display Artist Buell Neidlinger's String Jazz
Label Soul Note
Release date Dec 31, 1988
Year 1988
Format cd, digital
Duration 0:36:36
Main genre Jazz
Product type full album