Liquid Dancers

The Jimmy Giuffre 4
The Jimmy Giuffre 4

Giuffre has never stopped exploring formulas and blending of instruments, going through them as through intermediary stages.

Artists :

Bob Nieske ( Bass )
Jimmy Giuffre ( Soprano & Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Flute )
Pete Levin ( Electric Piano, Synthesizer, Keyboards )
Randy Kaye ( Drums )
The Jimmy Giuffre 4 ( Band )
The Jimmy Giuffre 4

"For much of the later '60s and '70s, the most intuitive improviser of his generation was obliged to teach improvisation to college students, gigging only in relative obscurity.  Randy Kaye was a loyal and dependable supporter in those days, and he adds just the right kind of softly enunciated percussion to Giuffre's '80s quartet albums. Bob Nieske's 'The Teacher' pays no less a tribute. Scored for Giuffre's bass flute, it has a crepuscular, meditative quality that isn't altogether typical of a lively and almost self-consciously contemporary set. Levin's keyboard stylings are perhaps a little too blandly atmospheric, but they open up the texture for Giuffre's familiar chalumeau clarinet and surprisingly agile soprano saxophone. The earlier QUASAR is equally fine and the writing may even be a little better."  (source: The Penguin Guide to Jazz)

More Information
Title Liquid Dancers
Catalogue Number 121158-2
Display Artist The Jimmy Giuffre 4
Label Soul Note
Release date Dec 31, 1991
Year 1991
Format cd, digital
Duration 40:00
Main genre Jazz
Product type full album