Somebody Special

Tiziana Ghiglioni
Tiziana Ghiglioni
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Artists :

Franco D'Andrea ( Piano )
Jean-Jacques Avenel ( Bass )
Steve Lacy ( Soprano Sax )
Jean-Jacques Avenel ( Double Bass )
Oliver Johnson ( Drums )
Tiziana Ghiglioni ( Vocal )
Tiziana Ghiglioni

"'Somebody Special' is a very special album. It proves a lot of things that it would be mundane to point out... it is too good to be used to make any points. It is tight, it is tough, it is about as good as these things get.  ...This album brings together five pros, five very special somebodies, five scintillating talents who, on this album, play like one. No easy task."

(source: from the CD's liner notes by Lee Jeske)

More Information
Title Somebody Special
Barcode 8024709076021
Catalogue Number 121156-2
Display Artist Tiziana Ghiglioni
Label Soul Note
Release date Dec 31, 1987
Year 1987
Format cd, digital
Duration 0:44:44
Main genre Jazz
Product type full album