Tom Varner Quartet

Tom Varner Quartet
Tom Varner Quartet

Artists :

Ed Jackson ( Sax Alto )
Fred Hopkins ( Bass )
Tom Varner ( French Horn )
Billy Hart ( Drums )
Tom Varner Quartet

This is the original edition 140 gram LP VINYL.

Recently rediscovered while digging through our vaults, this is the original 1981 vinyl edition of the album.   "It doesn't get any better than this."

"Tom Varner turned heads and opened eyes on the jazz scene in the early '80s. There weren't, and still aren't, many French horn players who improvise and play with the facility he demonstrated on this 1980 session. There were five tracks, two of them over 10 minutes, and Varner displayed impressive speed and fire, playing with distinction while matching alto saxophonist Ed Jackson in range, control through every register, phrasing, and tonal quality. "  (source:, R. Wynn)

(Also available on CD)

SIDE A: 1. The Otter  2. Radiator  3. 12 12   SIDE B: 1. TV TV  2. Heaps

More Information
Title Tom Varner Quartet
Catalogue Number SN 1017
Display Artist Tom Varner Quartet
Label Soul Note
Year 1981
Format vinyl
Main genre Jazz
Product type full album