Alessandro Lanzoni
Alessandro Lanzoni

A new album by Alessandro Lanzoni, after "Dark Flavour". This work is recorded with his trio, Matteo Bortone on double bass and Enrico Morello on drums, plus a special appearance by US trumpeter Ralph Alessi.

Artists :

Ralph Alessi ( Trumpet )
Alessandro Lanzoni ( Piano )
Enrico Morello ( Drums )
Matteo Bortone ( Bass )
Alessandro Lanzoni

Pianist Alessandro Lanzoni's new album recorded with his trio-- Matteo Bortone on double bass and Enrico Morello on drums-- with a special appearance by trumpeter Ralph Alessi.  A further impressive achievement by the 22-year-old pianist, who shows to have remarkably matured his technical command and expressive ability here.  His winning the Top Jazz 2013 prize as Best New Talent, after the release of his “Dark Flavour” album, was followed by a number of live performances enabling him to fully refine his new tunes before recording. He soon and completely reached musical synergy with Alessi in the recording studio, although they had never played together before, a rather uncommon situation.  If “Dark Flavour” contains both original tracks and standards, nearly all of the tracks in “Seldom” are by Lanzoni (he wrote everything except a piece by Bortone and three free improvisations performed as a duo with Alessi). In the original tracks, Lanzoni’s personality firmly makes itself felt and structures get more sophisticated and complex, though preserving a still direct melodic approach. The general feeling and mood in these multi-theme tunes, divided into several sections, change often and suddenly. Thematic, melodic or rhythmic elements are decontextualized and given a major role in free improvisation that, now more than before, is an integral part of the performance. An effort of mutual listening and balance between sonic spaces and silence that is achieved in expressing the moment.

Recorded and mixed in Cavalicco (UD) on 18, 19, 20 March 2014 at Artesuono Recording Studio

Recording & mixing engineer Stefano Amerio

Photos by Niko Giovanni Coniglio

Liner notes by Brian Morton

More Information
Title Seldom
Catalogue Number CAMJ 7881-5
Display Artist Alessandro Lanzoni
Label Cam Jazz
Release date Nov 18, 2014
Year 2014
Format cd, digital
Duration 55:40
Main genre Jazz
Product type full album