John Carter
John Carter
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Artists :

Bobby Bradford ( Trumpet )
Charles Owen ( Sax Soprano )
Charles Owens ( Oboe )
James Newton ( Alto, Bass Flute )
John Carter ( Clarinet )
Luis Peralta ( Waterphone )
Red Callender ( Vocal )
Roberto Miranda ( Bass )
William Jeffrey ( Drums )
John Carter
"The first of clarinetist John Carter's five-part series in which he musically depicts the history of black Americans is one of the strongest. The five originals pay tribute to life in Africa a few centuries ago, mixing together folk melodies with very advanced improvising; Newton and Callender in particular really excel in this setting. Highly recommended for open-eared listeners."

(source: All Music Guide)
More Information
Title Dauwhe
Barcode 8024709047120
Catalogue Number 120057-2
Display Artist John Carter
Label Black Saint
Release date Dec 28, 1982
Year 1982
Format cd, digital
Duration 0:40:40
Main genre Jazz
Product type full album