Lifelong Ambitions

Leroy Jenkins
Leroy Jenkins

Artists :

Leroy Jenkins ( Violin )
Muhal Richard Abrams ( Piano, Synthesizer )
Leroy Jenkins

This is the original edition 140 gram LP VINYL.

Recently rediscovered while digging through our vaults, this is the original 1981 vinyl edition of the album.   "It doesn't get any better than this."

(Also available on CD)

SIDE A: 1. Greetings And Salutations  2. Meditation  3. Happiness   SIDE B: 1. The Blues  2. The Weird World  3. The Father, The Son, The Holy Ghost

More Information
Title Lifelong Ambitions
Catalogue Number BSR 0033
Display Artist Leroy Jenkins
Label Black Saint
Year 1981
Format vinyl
Main genre Jazz
Product type full album