CAM Jazz Presents: The series which introduces prime young talent.

CAM Jazz Presents is a new series that CAM Jazz has dedicated to new talent in both the Italian and international jazz scenes, offering an opportunity for deserving artists to venture into the recording world.

Artists :

Daniel Fredar ( Piano )
Fredar ( Band )
Jon-Erik Bjorange ( Drums, Harmonica )
Henrik Gad ( Saxophone )
Thomas Markusson ( Bass )

"...Irukandji is a peaceful harmony of sound between the past and present. It has been thought out by musicians who have always been inclined to bend to the acoustic profile of their instruments and therefore are attracted by traditions. They belong to that echelon of up-and-coming young artists dedicated to studying possible alternative sounds and known aesthetics. It is commonplace that emotional intensity and empathy are emotions far from the aesthetics of Scandinavian jazz. In this CD, four young Swedes dedicate their attention to the pulsating core of the earth and point out a possible escape route, by splitting up and redesigning the past, testing and readapting an amalgam between tradition and the avant-garde. A CD with a striking emotional impact and visionary power, it follows tradition: it narrates to excite more than teach." (F. Scoppio)

All original compositions

Recorded and mixed in Göteborg (Sweden) on August 14, 15, 19 2010 at Epidemin Studio Recording and mixing engineer Johannes Lundberg

Liner notes by Federico Scoppio

More Information
Title Irukandji
Catalogue Number CAMJ 3310-5
Display Artist Fredar
Label Cam Jazz Presents
Release date May 5, 2011
Year 2011
Format cd, digital
Duration 50:46
Main genre Jazz
Product type full album