Jaki Byard And The Apollo Stompers
Jaki Byard And The Apollo Stompers

Artists :

Al Bryant ( Trumpet )
Al Givens ( Tenor And Soprano Sax )
Bob Norden ( Trombone )
Bob Torrence ( Sax Alto )
Carl Rienlieb ( Trombone )
Dan Licht ( Guitar )
Denyce Byard ( Vocal )
Diane Byard ( Vocal )
Jaki Byard ( Piano )
Jed Levy ( Sax Tenor )
Jim White ( Trumpet )
John Eckert ( Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet, Flugelhorn )
Manny Boyd ( Sax Alto )
Preston Trombly ( Sax Baritone )
Ralph Hamperian ( Bass )
Richard Allen ( Drums )
Rodger Parrett ( Trumpet )
Stephen Calia ( Trombone Bass )
Steve Weinberg ( Trombone )
Steve Swell ( Trombone )
Jaki Byard And The Apollo Stompers

"This outing by Jaki Byard's big band The Apollo Stompers does not quite live up to its potential. The 17-piece orchestra has few distinctive soloists (other than the pianist/leader) and all of the performances (which include three medleys) are quite brief; also the two vocals by Byard's daughters are just so-so. The real reason to acquire this admittedly spirited set is for the occasional (and always notable) piano solos." (source:, S. Yanow)

(Original Vinyl LP also available)

More Information
Title Phantasies
Catalogue Number 121075-2
Display Artist Jaki Byard And The Apollo Stompers
Label Soul Note
Release date Dec 31, 1985
Year 1985
Format cd, digital
Duration 39:00
Main genre Jazz
Product type full album